Rubber Stamp Ross Continues To Support President Obama’s Failed Healthcare Law

Rubber Stamp Ross Continues To Support President Obama’s Failed Healthcare Law


Raleigh, NC — As President Obama heads to North Carolina today, it’s important to point out Deborah Ross’ support for Obamacare and how the law is negatively impacting people all across the state. During his rally in Miami yesterday, President Obama said that healthcare premiums are going up for only “a handful of people.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth in North Carolina, where most consumers will only have one insurance carrier to choose from and are facing premium increases of up to 80 percent.

In a debate just three weeks ago, Ross admitted that she wants to expand Obamacare and would have voted for the law in 2009 if she was in the U.S. Senate. The President’s desperate spin is just another reason why it would be dangerous to elect Deborah Ross. Senator Burr has a plan to replace Obamacare with a program that works for North Carolina, and just last night WGHP highlighted the strong support for Senator Burr’s plan.

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Senator Burr’s Final TV Ad Highlights “Rubber Stamp” Ross’ Plan To Expand Obamacare


In Miami, President Obama Claimed That Healthcare Premiums Are Only Going Up For “A Handful Of People.” “Cause premiums are going up. Well, now it is true that premiums are going up for a handful of people that don’t get tax credits – that’s important.” (President Obama, Remarks at Rally, Miami, FL, 11/3/16)

In Some Of North Carolina’s Poorest Counties, The Cost For Benchmark Policies Are Rising “By More Than 80 Percent.” “With just one insurer offering the broadly subsidized insurance policies of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul in North Carolina, cost increases for a benchmark plan will rise by more than 80 percent in some of the state’s poorest counties, newly released data show.” (Emery Dalesio, “Benchmark Health Coverage Costs Rising Fastest In Rural NC,” The Associated Press, 10/28/16)

80 Percent Of Obamacare Enrollees In North Carolina – Or More Than 480,000 Residents – Will Have Just One Insurance Option In 2017. “In 2017, a majority of North Carolinians who purchase health insurance on their own will have no choice but to pay their premiums to either Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, or Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The pickings aren’t slim in just North Carolina. For anyone remotely following the unraveling of Obamacare, dwindling insurance options has been quite the national issue … That leaves 80 percent of enrollees, or 480,000 residents across the state, with just one insurance option – Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Cigna has decided to enter into North Carolina’s Exchange; however, the company plans to set up shop in just Five counties within the Research Triangle region.” (Katherine Restrepo, “Most In N.C. Will Have One Obamacare Option In 2017,” Carolina Journal, 9/8/16)

Senator Burr Offered A Solution To Obamacare. “I have offered a solution called the Patient CARE Act that would take steps to make quality, affordable health care accessible to every American through commonsense, patient-focused reforms. I believe this plan could serve as a basis for working together to roll back Obamacare’s bureaucracy and red tape and give Americans greater freedom and more choices to select the plan that best fits their pocketbooks and health needs.” (Richard Burr, “Burr: Obamacare Is Imploding,” North State Journal, 9/25/16)