Raised Right

I have had enough of Deborah Ross’s commercials lambasting Richard Burr. I have had the privilege of calling Richard my friend for the last 48 years therefore I truly know him better than most.  For Deborah Ross to be behind so many false statements and accusations shows me her true colors and her lack of character. Couple that with her background and lack of experience does not in my mind make her the better candidate.

People that know me have often heard me speak of people like Richard who you can tell were “Raised Right.” People who know how to be honest, dependable, trustworthy, work hard, and make sure you always do what you said you were going to do. I know Richard was “Raised Right.” You cannot come from much better stock than his parents Martha and David Burr. Richard’s Dad was a well known and respected Presbyterian minister and Community Leader in Winston Salem who along with his wife Martha helped mold Richard into the fine man he is today. We would be making a major mistake not to send a quality person like Richard Burr back to Washington. The U.S. Senate needs people with Richard’s vast experience, and his high level of integrity and character.

One final thought. It is quite ironic that I chose to write this on Halloween night because Deborah Ross and her past record frankly “Scares the Heck” out of me.

Maxwell Taylor
Winston Salem, N.C.