The Burr Campaign Releases New TV Ad: “Rubber Stamp”

The Burr Campaign Releases New TV Ad: “Rubber Stamp”

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Raleigh, NC — The Burr campaign today released a new TV ad titled, “Rubber Stamp,” that highlights Deborah Ross’ blind loyalty to Hillary Clinton and her plans to expand Obamacare even as premiums skyrocket in North Carolina. The ad will begin running immediately on broadcast television.

The ad opens with President Obama’s lie that under Obamacare if you liked your doctor and your healthcare plan, you could keep it.  The ad notes that 500,000 North Carolinians lost their healthcare plans under Obamacare and premiums continue to increase for middle class families. Pressed in a recent debate, Ross stated she would have voted in favor of Obamacare in 2009 and made it clear she would be a rubber stamp for Hillary Clinton’s plan to expand Obamacare.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 90% of North Carolina counties will only have one choice of insurer and recent news reports state that premiums are set to increase anywhere from 24 percent to 80 percent.


With Just One Insurer In Some Parts Of North Carolina, “Cost Increases For A Benchmark Plan Will Rise By More Than 80 Percent.” “With just one insurer offering the broadly subsidized insurance policies of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul in North Carolina, cost increases for a benchmark plan will rise by more than 80 percent in some of the state’s poorest counties, newly released data show.” (Emery Dalesio, “Benchmark Health Coverage Costs Rising Fastest In Rural NC,” The Associated Press, 10/28/16)

Nearly 500,000 People In North Carolina Had Their Health Insurance Plans Canceled After Obamacare Kicked Into Effect. “Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin vowed Friday that his agency would speed the approval process for insurers to offer 2014 health plans that don’t meet the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act. … The cancellation notices covered more than 473,000 people in North Carolina, Goodwin said, and insurers have only a few weeks to resurrect the canceled plans, get them approved and enroll customers in time for them to have coverage in January.” (Cullen Browder, “NC To Speed Resurrection Of Canceled Health Plans,” WRAL, 11/15/13)

During The North Carolina Senate Debate, Deborah Ross Dodged When Asked If he Would’ve Voted For The Affordable Care Act. When Pressed, Ross Said She Would’ve Voted For It And Then Worked “With Our Legislature To Make Sure That They Extended Medicaid.” MODERATOR: “But I asked you, if you had been in the Senate in 2009 when it was voted on, would you have voted in favor of the Affordable Care Act?” ROSS: “I would’ve voted in favor of the Affordable Care Act because it is better than what we had. Now, if I had been in the Senate in 2009, I would have an opportunity to make amendments to the bill, to talk to the people in North Carolina, to work with our legislature to make sure that they extended Medicaid, particularly in the rural areas. And I would’ve rolled up my sleeves, and tried to make our healthcare system the best it possibly could. Senator Burr, again, would’ve just turned it over to the private insurance companies.” (North Carolina Senate Debate, 10/13/16) 

Senator Burr Offered A Solution To Obamacare. “I have offered a solution called the Patient CARE Act that would take steps to make quality, affordable health care accessible to every American through commonsense, patient-focused reforms. I believe this plan could serve as a basis for working together to roll back Obamacare’s bureaucracy and red tape and give Americans greater freedom and more choices to select the plan that best fits their pocketbooks and health needs.” (Richard Burr, “Burr: Obamacare Is Imploding,” North State Journal, 9/25/16)