Rubber Stamp Ross Must Weigh In On The FBI Re-Opening The Investigation Into Clinton’s Email Scandal

Rubber Stamp Ross Must Weigh In On The FBI Re-Opening The Investigation Into Clinton’s Email Scandal

Raleigh, NC — Deborah Ross campaigned alongside Hillary Clinton yesterday in Greensboro, NC and today the FBI re-opened the investigation into Clinton’s email scandal. Ross must be asked to weigh in on the new controversy and state clearly whether she still stands by Clinton even as she is under investigation for the mishandling of classified information.

Ross has campaigned with Hillary Clinton multiple times, called her a “trustworthy” person, and has made it clear she would be a rubber stamp for Clinton’s agenda. A majority of North Carolina voters don’t believe Clinton is trustworthy and Ross’ continued support for Clinton raises questions about whether Ross can be trusted to put our country’s national security interests ahead of her allegiance to Hillary Clinton.  

Below are questions Deborah Ross needs to answer for North Carolina voters:

  • Do you, Deborah Ross, stand by your support for Hillary Clinton in light of the FBI re-opening the investigation into Clinton’s email scandal?
  • Do you, Deborah Ross, agree with FBI Director James Comey’s initial assessment that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” with classified material on her private email server?
  • Do you, Deborah Ross, believe Hillary Clinton is “trustworthy,” even as she’s under criminal investigation from the FBI for her illicit email practices? 
  • Did Hillary Clinton compromise our national security with her private email server?