Ross Refuses To Explain Fundraiser With Gitmo Lawyer, Calling American Intelligence Agencies “Dangerous”

Ross Refuses To Explain Fundraiser With Gitmo Lawyer, Calling American Intelligence Agencies “Dangerous”

Raleigh, NC — Deborah Ross’ dangerous positions on national security were brought to the forefront in a new McClatchy story. Last week, Ross inexplicably attended a fundraiser hosted by a lawyer who represents multiple Guantanamo Bay detainees with ties to the Taliban. Ross says she doesn’t support the closure of Gitmo, but she has no problem taking money from a lawyer who is trying to get terrorists released from the detention facility. If Ross really doesn’t believe these terrorists should be released back into the Middle East or housed on U.S. soil, she should return the money from the lawyer trying to free Gitmo detainees.

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“Ross also came under fire last week for holding a campaign fundraiser with a Winston-Salem attorney, Robert Elliot, who has represented terror suspects and worked for their release from Guantanamo.

“Ross’ campaign did not make Ross available for an interview. In an email statement, Ross said, “Guantanamo Bay represents a very dark chapter for our country,” referencing past abuse and torture of prisoners there.

Ross also refused to explain the ACLU newsletter she penned just months after the 9/11 attacks in which she railed against American intelligence agencies and criticized the Patriot Act.

“One such jab stems from a 2001 ACLU newsletter Ross contributed to following theSept. 11 terrorist attacks. Ross’ memo raised concerns about the Patriot Act giving federal intelligence agencies increased surveillance authority.

“‘The new federal law will unleash the intelligence agencies which are all the more dangerous given the new technological tools at the government’s disposal,’ her memo says.

“Ross’ campaign this week refused to explain the 2001 memo. When asked about the criticism, Ross said in a statement: ‘Attacks like these are exactly what is wrong with politics. Of course, there is nothing more important to me than keeping the American people safe.’

This stands in stark contrast to Senator Burr’s steadfast commitment to providing our intelligence community with the tools they need to keep our country safe. Yesterday, Buzzfeed took a detailed look at the grueling schedule Senator Burr maintains as the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the critical role he plays on national security matters.

“Every morning that he’s in Washington, long before most of his colleagues make their way to the Hill, Richard Burr treks to his Senate office for an intelligence briefing. As the day wears on, he’ll spend around six hours on briefings, reports and intelligence issues, and when he’s not in the Beltway, he’s arranging secure phone calls from remote sites. 

“The committee itself does little to ease this burden on its members. It’s wide-ranging and borderline tyrannical rules don’t just forbid Senators or their staff from acknowledging the secret programs they oversee, but also bar them from discussing ‘committee-sensitive information,’ which could include anything from personnel changes to discussions over public, unclassified bills.


“Burr’s Intelligence Committee record would show otherwise. Since taking over chairmanship in 2014 of the Intelligence Committee, one of Washington’s most powerful oversight panels, Burr has attended nearly every one of its meetings — and the committee, which gathers at minimum twice a week, has one of the most rigorous schedules in Congress. When meetings aren’t happening, you can often find him down the hall from the Intelligence Committee’s top-secret hearing room in its secure office spaces, getting additional briefings or meeting with agency directors. CIA Director John Brennan is a frequent guest.