The Burr Campaign Releases New Web Video: “Bottom Line”

The Burr Campaign Releases New Web Video: “Bottom Line”

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Raleigh, NC — The Burr campaign today released a new web video, “Bottom Line,” highlighting Deborah Ross’ refusal to say whether or not she avoided paying income taxes by using the historic tax credits she championed in the General Assembly. According to a recent front-page story in The News & Observer, Ross qualified for $267,000 in historic tax credits and when asked if the tax credits allowed her to pay zero state or federal income taxes some years, Ross refused to answer. 

McClatchy reported last week on Senator Burr’s call for Ross to release her tax return summaries dating back to 2004 to show whether she avoided paying income taxes because of her actions in the General Assembly. Senator Burr stated he was willing to release his tax return summaries for the same years, yet Ross refused to release her returns.

McClatchy: GOP Senator Calls On Democratic Rival To Reveal Whether She Escaped Taxes Some Years

“Republican Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina on Wednesday called on his Democratic challenger, Deborah Ross, to release the cover sheets of her tax returns to show whether she and her husband capitalized on hefty credits for historic renovations to pay little or no state or federal taxes at times over the past decade.

“‘There are serious questions about whether there are years where Deborah Ross avoided paying state or federal income taxes,’ Burr said in a statement. ‘The voters of North Carolina deserve to know if the actions Ross took as a legislator allowed her to pay little or no federal or state income taxes.

“‘I am calling on Deborah Ross to release her tax summaries for the years that would have been affected, when she and her husband qualified for $267,000 in tax credits.’

“Burr said that if Ross obliges and releases the summary sheets, ‘in a show of transparency’ he would make public summaries of his state and federal tax returns dating to 2004 when he first won his Senate seat. A campaign spokesman, Jesse Hunt, said Burr was speaking about the first two pages of each return.

“Through a spokeswoman, Ross promptly rejected the offer. There is no evidence that Ross’ legislative actions, while a North Carolina House member from 2003 to 2013, enabled her husband to qualify for the credits from his renovation hobby.