Flashback Friday: Ross Gets Fact Checked On Her Opposition To The Sex Offender Registry

Flashback Friday: Ross Gets Fact Checked On Her Opposition To The Sex Offender Registry

Raleigh, NC — Deborah Ross is desperately trying to spin her dangerous record from her time as the ACLU’s top lobbyist in North Carolina. Even after relying on personal friends to try to deceive North Carolina voters, Ross’ claim that she never opposed the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry was debunked. One week ago today, WBTV conducted a detailed fact check on the issue and rated the claim that Ross opposed the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry as “true.”

WBTV: #Fridayfactcheck: Ross Makes Misleading Claims In Defending Position About Sex Offender Registry

“Both the 1995 ACLU legislative memo and Ross’ comments in the 1998 article present a consistent message from Ross that cast doubt on the efficacy of a sex offender registry. The opening line of her 1995 memo indicates that she was involved in lobbying against the original legislation that created the sex offender registry.

“For those reasons, we rate Burr’s claim as true. 

“We did not have an opportunity to ask Ross about the questions raised in our review of her defense because her campaign refused multiple requests to make her available for an on-camera interview.

“Because of Odom’s reference to only the 1997 bill in his defense of Ross and because of the multiple questions raised by the series of votes cited by Ross’ campaign, we rate the claims made by Ross in response to the attacks from Burr as false.

Senator Burr also addressed Ross’ dangerous pattern of disregard for the safety of North Carolina communities during an interview this week on Time Warner’s Capital Tonight.

Sen. Richard Burr: Not at all because I think when you look at her record, and she said it last night, she was an effective lobbyist for the ACLU and a lawyer and the case that she sought leniency on— this was a thirteen year old that committed a violent rape, beat a 23 year old woman, and raped her with her 20 month old baby beside her and even the Supreme Court looked at the case and called it heinous. My point would be this, her words and her actions— they don’t support her claim that she’s making that this really isn’t her. You see it in the case she asked leniency, you see it in the fight that she put up at the ACLU over the sex offender registry where she took the side of sex offenders. You see it in the General Assembly on the house bill that wanted to extend DNA collection to about eighteen different categories of crimes where she voted against that. One of the categories was individuals arrested for use of explosives and incendiary devices. One of the categories was individuals who prey on children, how can you be against the collection of DNA for individuals that fall into those categories and say you’re not trying to protect the criminal, the abuser? It’s unfortunate but she has a record in the General Assembly that supports everything she said as the lawyer and the lobbyist for the ACLU.