Does This Sound Like Someone Who Supports The Sex Offender Registry?

Does This Sound Like Someone Who Supports The Sex Offender Registry?

Raleigh, NC — The Burr campaign today launched a new microsite that features Deborah Ross’ top 10 anti-sex offender registry quotes from her time with the ACLU. Ross continues to make the claim that she “always” supported the sex offender registry, a claim that simply isn’t grounded in reality. The site,, will allow people to read Ross’ own words regarding the “concerns” she raised about the sex offender registry and see that those “concerns” only related to the interests of convicted sex offenders.

Ross’ Top 10 Statements Against the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry

Below is a sample of Ross’ quotes from the site’s top 10 list:

10) “Just because you know somebody in your neighborhood is a sex offender does not make you safer. It means you avoid that person. It also makes it more difficult for people who have paid their debt to society to reintegrate into society.’” (Times-News, 12/31/95)

7) “Not everyone who is a sex offender is a serial offender.” (Salisbury Post, 10/15/00)

6) “People have the false impression that all sex offenders do it again and do it on repeated occasions, while the majority of sex offenders involves people within families.” (Salisbury Post, 10/15/00)

5) “This bill requires sex offenders, who have already served their time, to register with local authorities whenever they move to a new location…Despite the fact that this bill would make it even harder for people to reintegrate into society and start over and could lead to vigilantism, it passed both houses and is now law.” (Ross Memo To The Legislative Committee Of The ACLU-NC, 8/4/95)

3) “There are serious concerns about what people do with this information.”  (The Village Voice, 4/21/98)

2) “It will have unintended consequences.” (Charlotte Observer, 5/22/97)