Jacksonville Daily News: Senator Richard Burr visits Onslow County

Senator Richard Burr visits Onslow County

Naomi Whidden


North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr is picking up the pace on the campaign trail while Congress is in recess, and one of his weekend stops was Jacksonville.

The Republican candidate was invited to a disabilities awareness event hosted by the National Down Syndrome Society less than a year after co-authoring a federal law protecting individuals with disabilities.

“Well the key thing is my whole career has dealt with trying to address the legislation that recognizes and celebrates disabilities. And last year the fruits of those labors really came into fruition with the passing of the ABLE Act,” said Burr.

The ABLE Act allows families, relatives and children to save up to $100,000 without losing their benefits for health care or SSI, said Burr.

“Up to that point if they had over $2,000 in assets, they lost all of that. Well that’s ownership of a car,” Burr said.

The senator continued along the campaign trail to Elizabethtown where he was slated to participate in a Bladen County GOP event.

“This is an example of what’s great about Americans. Even though it’s overcast today, look at the sunshine on everyone’s face. And for kids with disabilities, events like this provide the wrap around services that serve, not just them, but this community,” Burr said at Jacksonville’s Buddy Walk.

Burr is running against Democrat Deborah Ross, who has garnered support in the swing state since the election season began.