U.S. Senator Richard Burr
North State Journal
September 25, 2016

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Obamacare is imploding. With each passing day, we see more evidence that the program that promised Americans affordable health care is on the verge of total collapse.

The failures of Obamacare are well documented in the media. Insurance premiums are skyrocketing for both families and employers, insurers are withdrawing from the exchanges, and consumers are seeing their health care options rapidly disappear. Under Obamacare, families are paying much more and getting way less.

Based on the proposed rate increases submitted to the North Carolina Department of Insurance for approval, North Carolinians could experience an increase of 19 to 25 percent in the cost of their health insurance coverage for 2017. It remains to be seen how much more premiums will skyrocket once the final rates are announced this fall.

No matter the political affiliation of our next president, he or she will have to work with Congress to address this collapse. I have offered a solution called the Patient CARE Act that would take steps to make quality, affordable health care accessible to every American through commonsense, patient-focused reforms. I believe this plan could serve as a basis for working together to roll back Obamacare’s bureaucracy and red tape and give Americans greater freedom and more choices to select the plan that best fits their pocketbooks and health needs.

Some have suggested a “public option,” which is government-run health care, as the solution to Obamacare’s collapse. But we must remember that it is Obamacare’s government-imposed mandates, bureaucracy and red tape that is driving up the cost of health insurance and limiting Americans’ choice of plans. Doubling down on government failure with even more government control will only make this situation far worse for individuals and families, not better.