Burr Week In Review: New TV Ad, Ross Still Silent On Iran Ransom Payment

Burr Week In Review: New TV Ad, Ross Still Silent On Iran Ransom Payment

Raleigh, NC —This week saw the Burr campaign release its latest TV ad that focuses on Senator Burr’s legislative work to help people with disabilities receive the support that allows them to achieve their goals in life. The campaign also unveiled its “Manufacturers for Burr” leadership team, the third leadership team in as many weeks and one that is comprised on talented business leaders from all over North Carolina. Deborah Ross spent another week silent on the Iran ransom payment despite new revelations the Obama administration made additional cash payments to Iran totaling $1.3 billion. Time and time again, Ross fails to weigh in on critical national security issues facing our country and it has now been 38 days with no response from Ross on the Iran ransom payment.

On Tuesday, the Burr campaign announced its newest statewide TV ad, “ABLE Act,” that featured the D’Amelios family praising Senator Burr’s work to pass the ABLE Act and describing how it benefits their two children with Autism. In the ad, the D’Amelios pointed out how helpful Senator Burr‘s work has been for their family, and for other parents who have children with disabilities and want to save for their future.

McClatchy: NC’s Burr Again Focuses On Bipartisan Work In Latest TV Ad

“U.S. Sen. Richard Burr’s latest campaign TV ad in North Carolina touts his work on taxpayer-friendly legislation aimed at helping people with disabilities and their families save money for long-term healthcare costs, education and housing.

“The campaign for the two-term Republican senator released the ad Tuesday morning. The spot will run statewide as part of a nearly $6 million TV ad-buy strategy.

“The opening of the ad features a family with two children with autism from Charlotte, N.C. The parents say Burr’s backing of the ABLE Act, which was signed into law in 2014 by President Barack Obama, has helped them save for their future.”


On Wednesday, the campaign announced the “Manufacturers for Burr” leadership team and co-chair Frank Dowd IV, had this to say about Senator Burr:

“Government has a tendency to bog down manufacturers with onerous regulations and high corporate tax rates. Senator Burr understands it’s a necessity for business owners to have a stable regulatory climate and lower tax rates in order to do what we do best, create jobs.  Senator Burr’s commitment to providing job creators with the tools we need to be successful gives me great confidence and it’s one of the main reasons why I’m enthusiastically supporting him this fall.”

In light of Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal story, which detailed the additional $1.3 billion cash payment the Obama administration made to Iran, the campaign noted Deborah Ross’ repeated silence after more and more details surrounding the payment were reported over a 35 day period of time.

Following up on the earlier announcement of the “Manufacturers for Burr” leadership team, the Burr campaign on Thursday highlighted a Medium post penned by one of its members, Allen Gant, the Chairman & CEO of Glen Raven. In the post, Gant discusses some of the key reasons why he’s supporting Senator Burr.

MediumThe health of our economy has been at the forefront of the political discussion for some time now. Under President Obama, manufacturers, the building block of the American economy, have been stretched thin by government red tape and an antiquated tax code that makes it harder to create jobs. I’ve seen firsthand how Senator Burr has worked to improve the economic climate for North Carolina manufacturers and job creators. The Obama administration just completed its 600th major regulation, and it’s critical that we have a senator who will help alleviate the pain caused by these burdensome mandates. North Carolina families deserve good paying jobs, and Senator Burr has been a leader every step of the way to help create those jobs.

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